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Dads vs Cads

Vineri am facut doua postari. Prima cu Dads vs Cads si la scurt timp o a doua cu Miss Havisham. Cu ocazia asta am vazut (ceea ce si banuiam) ca la doua postari una dupa alta lumea isi indreapta atentia spre cea mai recenta. Intrucat mai toata lumea si-a indreptat atentia catre Miss Havisham ma simt obligat sa repostez Dads vs Cads intrucat e o postare fundamentala in intelegerea comportamentului sexual la femei.

Uite Iluzio, ti-am promis intr-un comentariu anterior sa scriu despre dihotomia Dads vs Cads.

“When women think of “Mr. Right” it’s usually a kind, compassionate, and moral man who reminds them of dad. But when it comes to picking “Mr. Right Now,” it’s the devilish cads that win out, hands down.”

Majoritatea femeilor se marita cu barbati dupa care nu le curg balele. Am spus-o! Dati-ma in judecata!

“A new study shows once again what romance novelists have written about for centuries: women prefer bad boys for flings and good guys for long-term relationships.”

Hai sa vedem ca zic oamenii astia de stiinta ca empiristi de astia ca mine stiau deja asta.

“In the passages, the dads were described as domestic, happy, peaceable, bookish, moral, gentle, compassionate, frank, and shy. The cads came off as daring, arrogant, moody, passionate, rebellious, strong, humorous, vulgar, shrewd, and slanderous.”

Deci, mai trebuie sa fac recomandari sau sunt intelese de la sine?

“Overall, researchers found that the women thought they would like the dads more than the cads. But they preferred cads for a short-term relationship and dads for the long haul.”

Nu conteaza ce zic, ce gandesc sau ce cred femeile, conteaza ce fac.

“Researchers say the findings show that the dad vs. cad distinction is intuitive to women, and when given only a brief character sketch, women seem to be able to make informed dating decisions.”

In aceeasi ordine de idei sa continuam cu Sperm Wars.

“A major focus of the book is sperm heteromorphism in which not only are a variety of morphological types[9] of sperm apparent in every normal human ejaculate but also at any one time fewer than 1% seem capable of responding to and fertilizing an egg.[10] A similarly low proportion of fertile sperm is found in the ejaculates of mice.[11] Baker calls these fertile sperm “egg-getters”, and claims that the rest of the sperm in the ejaculate are infertile “kamikaze sperm” or “blockers”, whose primary purpose is to prevent other men’s sperm from getting to the egg.[12] He cites data suggesting that in Britain at least 4% of children (but perhaps as many as 6–12%) are conceived via sperm competition,[13] and claims that this lower figure is consistent with the earlier finding that 10% of children have a biological father who is other than their supposed father.[14] Baker describes in detail how “killer sperm” actively seek out rival sperm and kill them with poison from acrosomes to prevent them from getting to the egg. This literal sperm warfare was not observed in a subsequent experiment,[15] but Baker criticizes the protocol in this latter experiment”

Teoria asta cica e discutabila dar mie imi place. Cred ca tot Iluziei ii ziceam ca femeile sunt mult mai susceptibile sa ramana gravide dupa un viol decat dupa un contact cu sotul. Practic, cu voie sau fara, femeile sunt plictisite de moarte de barbatii lor si ar prefer sa NU ramana gravide cu ei. Chiar formeaza un fel de anti-corpi la sperma sotului/partenerului pe termen lung. Sunt FOARTE curios care e rata reala a paternitatii false la nivel mondial.


“Women who settle down with a stable guy instead of a sexy one might subconsciously struggle with that decision during their most fertile window of the month, a new study suggests.”

Bestial. Felicitari tuturor sotilor carora nevestele in perioada de ovulatie se gandesc la altii. Sincere felicitari. Have a nice happy marriage!

“The sometimes conflicting desires for stability and sexiness in a partner could come from mating strategies designed to benefit our female ancestors a long time ago, the researchers said.”


“Many studies have reported that during high fertility points in the menstrual cycle, women demonstrate increased preference for men with masculinized faces and bodies.”
Pe scurt, femeile prefera Cads in timpul ovulatiei. Mais pourquoi? POURQUOI? Bwahahaha.

Women who are on the birth-control pill may be more likely to pick provider types over aggressive, masculine specimens – a course that could potentially affect the health of their children, according to a controversial new paper from the University of Sheffield.”

Anti-conceptionalele schimba perceptia femeilor despre barbatii. Anti-conceptionalele fac femeile sa prefere Dads si putem spune ca dupa ce se marita si renunta la anti-conceptionale femeile “realizeaza” ca barbatii cu care sunt maritate sunt diferiti de cei cu care erau inainte de maritis (vorbim de maritis intrucat e mai probabil ca o femeie sa renunte la anti-conceptionale dupa maritis decat inainte). Perceptia femeilor despre acesti barbati se schimba si concluzia femeilor va fi ca barbatii lor “s-au schimbat” si curand nu le va mai place de ei si vor cauta Cads. Si de aici e doar un pas pana la Infidelitatea femeii.

Deci, ai inteles cum merge treaba Iluzio?



Miss Havisham

E plina lumea de Miss-uri Havisham. Miss Havisham e arhetipul femeii trecute de 30 ani, nemaritata si fara copii care se tot gandeste (cu sentimente impartite) la un fost iubit cu care nu s-a maritat. Partea proasta nu e ca se gandeste la respectivul ci ca nici un barbat care vine ulterior nu poate sa il scoata din cap. Dai de una, vrei sa faci una si alta dar orice ai face nu-l poti bate pe acel elusiv ex care fara vina lui “otraveste” mintea slaba a femeii. Chiar vorbeam azi cu o damzela (fara detalii prea multe sa nu se sperie) despre auto-distructivitatea cu care sunt inzestrate femeile (cred ca e foarte maso gagica asta, foarte, se vede in ochii ei, dar n-am incercat-o…inca). Nu stiu cine le-a dat calitatea asta dar eu nu cu siguranta. Sunt incredibil de masochiste desi ele nu recunosc asta. E mult mai cool sa ai relatii esuate decat relatii reusite. Ai la ce sa te gandesti timp de ani de zile. “Ce ar fi fost daca…”. Asa ca decat sa dai peste un Miss Havisham mai bine sa creezi un Miss Havisham ca daca nu o creezi tu, cineva o va face oricum. E doar o chestie de timp…si de rabdare.

“O femeie ranita e o femeie fericita”- Papillon, (ca c’est moi)